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Unlearn these harmful mindsets that keep you stuck

A dark photo of a rear view of a woman turning her head.
A dark photo of a rear view of a woman turning her head.
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Picture this: For years, you’re working on yourself, doing all sorts of therapy, healing ceremonies, meditations, and other obscure practices, only to find yourself triggered by an unforeseen event and back in a rut.

Want to be more confident? This is the number one thing you need to do that no one talks about

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I didn’t always use to be confident. In fact, I was more on the shy and insecure end of the spectrum. Scared to walk up to the teacher, super nervous and anxious speaking on stage, doubtful about what I could achieve in life, what direction I should choose…

Learning how to take care of your Nervous System is the number one key to health and happiness

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Do you know that feeling you get from sitting too long in front of a computer? Or from overusing your phone? Or running too many errands in one day?

For anyone who has ever tried a diet and, just like me, failed.

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I grew up in Poland in the ’80s. One of the cultural habits back then meant at least 3 cups of black tea a day.

The work you invest in yourself does pay off.

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I remember, when I was in my late twenties, a friend telling me: wait till you hit thirty, then things will fall into place and you will really understand who you are. It will get easier. You will see.

The missing link to shifting your experience

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So often when we experience a difficult emotion we hear: just feel it.
I mean, I work as an Embodiment Coach, I myself, say it to my clients all the time! And I give myself the very same advice also, because yes, it is true:

Feeling it is healing it.

But, there is a trap that many people miss.

Are you able to trust the process and willing to see where it takes you even if it doesn’t make sense?

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Whenever I start a painting, I have no idea where it will take me. Often it’s just a sense of something…An impulse that wants to be expressed. A sensation or feeling that longs to be acknowledged or felt.

If you are struggling with being creative, start connecting with your body first

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Many of us don’t see ourselves as creative. Or even if we do we might have a feeling of being stuck in our creativity. It may be something we feel we would like more of, something that we long for but don’t really know how to get.

Stop judging yourself for your ‘brokenness’. We are all in the same boat.

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My journey of healing started many years ago when I was in Australia. I remember that back then I was so full of anxiety that oftentimes I even found it hard to get out of bed. To make it worse, I judged myself for it a lot.

If you truly want to awaken your creative essence, you will have to meet your shadow

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I remember that time when I picked up painting again after ten years of not touching it. It was painful.

Kasia Patzelt

Embodiment Coach. Here to co-create an Authentic Human Reality.

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