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Unlearn these harmful mindsets that keep you stuck

A dark photo of a rear view of a woman turning her head.
A dark photo of a rear view of a woman turning her head.
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Picture this: For years, you’re working on yourself, doing all sorts of therapy, healing ceremonies, meditations, and other obscure practices, only to find yourself triggered by an unforeseen event and back in a rut.

You thought you figured out all your relationship issues and believed you were ready for The One, only to repeat the same patterns and end up frustrated and more self-critical than ever.

Then, on top of everything, your mind gives you unsolicited advice: I should know better by now.

When you believe that voice in your head, it’s easy to feel defeated and lose sight of the progress you’ve made in your healing journey. …

And why it’s important to suffer rightly

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What I have encountered a lot of recently in my work with people and personally is the catch within the ‘positive thinking’, ‘the live your highest potential’ and ‘create your own reality- i.e. you are what you think’ paradigms that have been so dominant and pervasive (invasive) in our conditioning over the last how many years.

It’s been a necessary step for our evolution to wake up to the power of our minds and thoughts, however, it is only a step and not the goal and the way it’s being pushed on the net and media is only on a very surface level and in fact halting our process to go deeper into our own truth and heart. …

This is really what happens in your body and what you can do about it

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When I was growing up I suffered a lot from anxiety. Every exam we had at school I would get diarrhea and frequently run to the toilet.

My stomach was constantly in a knot and I felt nauseated and shaky all the time. More than it was uncomfortable it was actually really annoying.

Why couldn’t I be just normal?

Sure, my friends got nervous too, but none of them had to sacrifice their precious breaks for constant bathroom time. They were able to manage their nerves much better than me, even though I was actually really good at school!

It would be a few more years before I finally understood what actually happens to my nervous system (NS) when I experience anxiety and to drop the very harsh self-criticism that would make things even worse. …

After years of therapy, psychedelics, and spiritual questing this is what actually makes a difference

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I am sitting in front of my Coach on a Zoom Call. She has just asked me about the vision for my business and I’m off elaborating on all the creative ideas that I have.

As I am getting more and more excited about my vision, my legs have come across each other and even my arms have ended up in a twisted pretzel kind of posture. My breath had shortened and I’d started feeling a knot in my diaphragm.

Pause, she says.

What’s going on in your body right now?

Busted. I have resistance to tuning in what’s moving for me. But I know she is right. Somehow my subconscious has taken over the paintbrush and started splashing colorful and yet uncomfortable physical sensations all over my body (in an attempt to communicate some profound and yet obscure truth no doubt). …

Instead of seeing it as a waste, use the time in your car to un-stress yourself

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I used to drive fast everywhere I went. I mean, not crazy kamikaze fast, but I always felt that as soon as I stepped in the car, I was in a rush.

That might have to do with the fact that I’m living in Ibiza, this jewel of an island that is so breathtakingly beautiful, that one would imagine it would have the opposite effect on people than getting stressed. And it certainly does when you are on holiday.
But if you are here permanently, you may find yourself under pressure getting from A to Z on time.

And if it wasn’t about time then it was about efficiency. Spending so much time in the car on a daily basis made me always want to make the best use of it by listening to voice messages, podcasts, and audiobooks. …

Let’s get real about what it takes to be truly you

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I recently learned how to slackline. I’m not a pro but I can walk up and down the line and if you have ever set a foot on one of them you know that that’s not an easy feat.

In fact, the most common response of someone trying it for the first time is something like ‘WTF! This is impossible!’

Because you see someone walking on the line and it looks relatively easy, you just don’t expect that the line when you put your foot on it for the very first time wobbles like a mother…trucker.

It’s seriously insane.

From there it’s inconceivable that you will ever be able to actually do it. It feels humanly impossible. Except you see others do it. Damn. Here goes your story of defeat. …

What my new love is teaching me about being in love, not wanting to be hurt again, and true relating.

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Not that long ago, I wrote an article called: I’m 36, gorgeous, clever and single: what have I been doing wrong?. I wrote about the fact that it’s really about owning our full yes to life that will open us up to love. I still believe that. But…

Well, as life would have it, since then things have changed. I can’t say that I have MET the man of my life since I had already known the man, that now is worming his way deeper and deeper into my heart, making me grin like a silly teenage girl from ear to ear whenever I think or look at him. In fact, for all the 3,5 years I had known him, I didn’t see him as THE man at all. …

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to make anyone or anything wrong and tell people what to do. I simply wish to share my experience and what works for me.

I spent the first three months of the pandemic constantly online. The lockdown hit like a tsunami wave out of nowhere and I, like so many of us, was in shock. How could my world change so much so fast?

I was desperately trying to make sense of what was going on around me. Isolated in my little casita in Spain without any human contact for the first two weeks, I spent hours every day researching everything. From watching the stats go up daily, to different ted talks, and various ‘conspiracy’ theories all the way to astrology explaining how the stars have already predicted what was about to happen in 2020. …

What have I been doing wrong?

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This is to all the amazing women out there, I hear you.

Up till now I never had a problem attracting men. And I never ever worried about age or children or any of that stuff. Plenty of fish, plenty of time. Just living my life, exploring the different connections life has to offer, learning from each one, enjoying myself, and enjoying the ride…and then, something happened that I couldn’t really anticipate. I became overqualified.

You know when you are too good for the job and no one wants to hire you? Feels a bit like that. And before you call me arrogant (which by the way you are welcome to do — I’ve been working on embracing this shadow part of me and, yes, indeed, I can be arrogant, and I’m totally cool with that), consider…

The Magic and Challenge of Living in an Amplified Field

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After months of isolation, quarantine, and social distancing, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been drawn to living in community more than ever. The romantic idea of living together like in the good old days, where we can pool our skills together and don’t always have to do everything alone, where we can support each other in the daily business of life, is becoming increasingly more enchanting.

Especially now where the social distance that existed already before corona is being painstakingly rubbed in our faces on a daily basis. We realize we need each other more than ever before. …


Kasia Patzelt

Embodiment Coach. Here to co-create an Authentic Human Reality.

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