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  • Sandirose


  • Carolin Stoffels

    Carolin Stoffels

    Thoughts, ideas, and stuff to try to be calm and in control • freedomxx.com • rastsound.com • DeSo • mom • bureaucracy fighter from Germany • English + German

  • Mher Manoekjan

    Mher Manoekjan

    I believe writing is the way to learn. That’s why I’m learning to write. In the meantime trying to be a mindful student of life.

  • Bevin Niemann

    Bevin Niemann

    Mentor for Spiritual Leaders → Join the Empowered Sensitive Leaders community at https://www.1millionempaths.com

  • Dr. Cynthia Miller

    Dr. Cynthia Miller

    A visionary, pathbreaker, & leader in Cellular Transformation & Conscious Multidimensional Evolution; author of Unseen Connections: A Memoir drcynthiamiller.com

  • Daniel Lestarjette

    Daniel Lestarjette

    I’m anthropological archaeologist and passionate psychedelico who studies archaeologies of consciousness, visionary experiences, and visual culture. #BigIsland

  • Beth Bradford, Ph.D.

    Beth Bradford, Ph.D.

    Former TV person, current college professor and media researcher. Ironman triathlete, meditation teacher and yoga instructor. https://www.brad4d-wellness.com

  • Jared A. Brock

    Jared A. Brock

    Helping you navigate life in an age of democratic destruction, ecological collapse, & economic irrelevance. Free newsletter+podcast: www.surviving-tomorrow.com

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