I’m Going Back to Rwanda Teaching Breathwork and Trauma Release to Psychologists and Psychology Students

This is how you can support me

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2013 in Kigali after the completion of a massage training. I’m in the blue shirt. (photo by author)

That’s why I’m going back and why I need your help.

I will be giving a presentation to Psychologists, Psychology students and other Mental Health Practitioners about somatic-based trauma therapy, particularly BBTRS, on the 6th of April.

There is nothing more tragic than people suffering unnecessarily from events that have long passed.

And my heart is going out to those who are not receiving the right tools and support to ease their pain, reliving it over and over again.

Why Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release?

Because BBTRS has been the biggest transformational tool in my life personally, I am very passionate about it and deeply believe in its power and effectiveness.

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Genocide Commemoration Day in Kigali 2013 (photo by author)

Here are three ways in which you can support this vision and help me celebrate

  1. As I’m also an artist, I want to sell my most recent and favorite painting in a silent auction to contribute to this project. Starting price: 500. PM me if you are interested.
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‘Divine Mystery’ , acrylic on canvas, 100 x 60cm, Kasia Patzelt

Embodiment Coach. Here to co-create an Authentic Human Reality. www.kasiapatzelt.com

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