The 5 Superpowers We Need to Cultivate to Rock at Life Even in Crisis

aka How to Become a Spiritual Badass

Superpower Nr 1: Be Clear and Know Your Purpose

For me, it’s this: I’m here to empower people through understanding their own Nervous System (NS) aka learn how to develop their own superpowers.

Superpower Nr 2: Cultivate Your Inner Presence

So the antidote is super simple, even though not always easy: Be still and know. Give yourself a break.

Superpower Nr 3: Be authentic

There is wisdom in our feelings, we need to re-learn how to honor that.

Superpower Nr 4: Be Connected and Generous

Just noticing what you love starts connecting you with your heart.

Superpower Nr 5: Be Heart-driven

Which in my world means we become simply Badass.

Embodiment Coach. Here to co-create an Authentic Human Reality.

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