There Are More Important Things Right Now than Facts

And why you will never be able to grasp the ‘truth’ with your mind

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Fifteen years ago when I traveled to Australia I learned at the Institute of Holistic Medicine, in a course on nutrition, that margarine was bad for you! My family had used margarine a lot, so it was as much a revelation as a confirmation to me: I had never liked margarine, but trusted ‘the authorities’ and so I used it. In the ‘consensus reality’ that I had grown up in, margarine was good for the heart.

When I came back from Australia, I got into a big fight with my dad because he simply didn’t want to believe me. He showed me an interview with a doctor on television (It’s on television! It must be true!) who was endorsed by the ‘institute for heart health’ in Germany stating that margarine indeed was not only risk-free but healthy.

He had believed that narrative for so long, it was hard to just let go of it. He had made choices based on it. He had fed it to his kids. To let go of that story was to admit he had been mistaken and he had chosen poorly. That’s a lot to digest. We like to be right and it’s not easy to give up our dearly held beliefs.

But ten years later, the consensus reality around margarine has changed. My dad has become the biggest advocate for healthy fats (which margarine is not) and we have shifted into a different narrative.

That’s an example of shifted perspectives from my personal life. But there are others that you will relate to more:

There was once a narrative that the sun revolves around the earth. There was once a narrative that Jews were an inferior race that needed to be eradicated. There was once a narrative that women were less intelligent. There was once a narrative that black people were not human enough and could, therefore, be slaves.

Do I need to keep going? I think you are getting the point.

All the narratives were based on so-called facts during that time. So as we can see there is no such thing as right or wrong. There is only a perspective. And these perspectives seem to change as we evolve.

To believe that your perspective right now is the one and only is ignorant in the sense that it denies the fact of evolution.

Furthermore let’s be clear that each of our perspectives is based on our upbringing, our history, our experiences in life, our current situation, whether we welcome change or oppose it and other factors.

In short, our perspectives are random. It’s not who we truly are. Who we truly are is based more on our ability to engage with our perspectives, to question them and upon our willingness to give up the need to be right.

Therefore to shame people (which is happening a lot at the moment) into a ‘consensus’ reality by telling them that there are psychological, emotional shortcomings for their behavior, is, to put it mildly, disrespectful. It does not acknowledge the other person’s intelligence nor their power of discernment. It doesn’t allow for the possibility of error in our own assumptions that, as we have seen, are always limited.

What don’t we know that we don’t know yet?

I’m writing this article because I am tired of the fighting between people’s perspectives. I’m tired of fighting, persuading, convincing, judging and ridiculing. But I am interested in all the different perspectives, as I believe they paint a much better picture of the ‘truth’ (if such a thing exists) as the mainstream consensus reality can provide. I am interested in hearing out all the small voices in our collective field. Mainstream, as history has proven, doesn’t mean true or real or even good. Often it’s the opposite.

These are scary times full of uncertainty on all levels. The most epic Shit-Show, how my friend called it, the world has ever seen.

Wherever you look there is so much different information. I am not surprised at the people that are still grasping on, white-knuckled, onto one narrative.

I could write an article about the ‘psychological reasons why people are holding onto the consensus reality’. And of course, it would be something along the lines: to consider the alternative means to let go of a deeply ingrained identification with the status quo, the security, and a sense of belonging. Not to mention the emotional shock that comes from the carpet being pulled from under your feet, when you realize that who you trusted wasn’t trustworthy.

But it wouldn’t help. It would only perpetuate the fighting in the ever-deepening game of pointing fingers and shaming. Which is a sure way of leading to separation. Something that we especially in these current times need to be very wary of.

Instead, I’m here to propose a different space to look at things from. And yes, to look at the obvious, the facts. But not from some numbers on the screen but from our own life experience, that cannot be denied. When it rains it rains, you cannot argue with that.

Being on lockdown has given me ample time to dive deep into the different narratives that are circulating. And it’s a mess, guys. For every article, argument, or so-called scientific fact, there are countless others disputing that very argument and fact. All have their evidence and proof. So how to make up your mind? How to be on the right side?

Because in a way, we are all scared to fall prey to fake news and make an idiot out of ourselves. Or worse still, to contribute to false information and dangerous developments for the sake of humanity. We all want to help. Let’s remember that.

Everyone is going through his or her individual process with what’s happening in the world. And I do not wish to judge but simply share some of my concerns. So I hope you can read this as such. Sober.

For me every week of the lockdown has had a different feel, vibration, and theme. My perspective evolved.

In the first week, I totally agreed with the measures taken place. Yes, we need to act fast. We need to work together to save lives. Wow, that was an unprecedented feeling. That in a matter of days we were able to ‘stop the world’. Out of compassion and a deep sense of connection to humanity.

There were countless benefits to the measures that have taken place. People were able to stop running. They were able to rest, reconnect, and feel. People showed incredible acts of human kindness everywhere around the world. It was like a global retreat. A sacred time given to us by grace, as my friends say.

Was it good or bad? Who am I to say.

But after two weeks of the shock absorption from what happened to us, I started feeling uneasy. And that was not because I am stuck at home. In fact, I live in nature and can go for walks. I wasn’t getting cabin fever.

I was starting to see information about the current situation that was in opposition to what mainstream media was saying, including what’s being written here on this platform. And that information was not coming through dubious theories but through doctors from all around the world.

What made me feel uneasy is the ‘fact’ that there is so much incoherence about the matter.

For me, the fact that there is no ‘consensus’ on a matter, instead there is disharmony and incoherence, is a clear sign that something fishy is going on. Things are not transparent. There are other agendas happening that are stirring the collective field and people are picking up on it.

I am not going to go into the different narratives here, because I’m sure you had your fair share of information overload.

Our systems have been dysfunctional for a long time already.

And right now this is rubbed straight into our faces as we can no longer turn a blind eye to it.

None of us wants to live in a world with poverty, war, pollution, inequality, and the possibility of extinction. I’m sure of that. Humans are wired for compassion, love, and goodness as this situation has shown even more.

So what can we do about the system since we haven’t seemingly been able to do anything till now? We need to change the basis of relationship in our system. We are evolving from mommy/daddy authority, a pyramid structured organization to something new, that I will talk about later.

Our relationship to authority is changing and we are called on to step into our own sovereignty.

This is why we cannot rely just on ‘facts’ right now. Because facts are limited. They are based on the assumptions of one perspective. And this is why they are not as important as something else that is emerging.

And that is our connection to our own inner guidance.

I know some of you may roll your eyes at this or even scoff because, of course, there is ample space of delusion, but hear me out.

If you find yourself in the middle of the night at a crossroads with traffic lights on red, yet you can see left and right for miles no one is around you (and there are no cameras), do you stop and wait for the light to turn green or do you overrule the red lights, trusting your inner authority?

Everyone will answer this differently. But it’s a very good question to ask yourself because it shows us something about ourselves: A deep conditioning to follow the rules (or not). Or to honor our own body as a tool for guidance and inner wisdom.

The things that are wrong with our world are a direct reflection of the dysfunction of our system. They are not a reflection of human nature as often proclaimed. Humans are not inherently greedy or evil. You need only to look at infants. No infant comes into this world with mal intention. They may come with karmic tendencies but it is their environment that forms them.

My meditation teacher says: Greed is not the primal issue of humans. Ignorance is. Greed is only a result of that.

When we are ignorant of who we are and ignorant of our powers and the interrelatedness of things(i.e. the power of our minds and the ability to change our emotional state) we react to our environment in unconscious ways, which results in all sorts of unwholesome states of mind, one of which is greed.

On a larger scale, it is what happens to humanity. Our brains have adapted to a system that feeds on and nourishes our instinct for survival, emphasizing fear, competition, greed, and separation as opposed to cultivating our capacity for love, collaboration, our inherent gratitude and need to contribute.

It is not to say that only the system is at fault for our shortcomings, but it has much more of an influence than we are programmed to acknowledge. Most of us believe that there is something wrong with ‘us’. Never questioning these deeply held assumptions. After all, there are others that are doing well, aren’t they? A helpful reminder so you don’t permit anyone to gaslight you:

An insane response to an insane situation is a sane response.

Let me give you an example out of the book ‘Reinventing Organizations’ by Frederic Laloux. In his book, he describes a french factory in which there were machines, as is(or was?) common practice in many factories, at the entrance where the workers had to clock-in their times upon arrival and departure. If you were late, there would be repercussions.

Upon the arrival of a new manager, those machines were taken away. Everyone thought he was crazy! People will be lazy! Productivity will go down! You cannot let go of control if you want stability!

However, the opposite was the result. People started working faster if it meant that they could leave earlier. Whereas before they would intentionally slow down their production to kill the time till finish. People appreciated being given responsibility and being trusted. They took pride in their integrity. They started giving more than they had to because they were given the opportunity to do so.

What this example shows is that human nature deserves trust. We are not bad, lazy, stupid, and only out for our own gain. Those that are like that amongst us get adjusted by peer pressure. No shaming, but we all have a need for belonging, and when we realize we have gone against the values of our group…well, if you ever experienced it, you know that it feels horrible.

These kinds of organizations Laloux calls Teal-organizations. The innovating principles they are bringing not just into business but into the whole of life are self-management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose. It’s a way of functioning based on a network of relationships. An unofficial hierarchy of credibility, which springs from experience, communication, and trust.
Not from a top-down pyramid of control.

There is an inner knowing in you that has been ridiculed for a very long time. It’s time to let go of the fear of rejection and not belonging and to own your capacity to feel and know.

The conversation about what is really happening right now is flawed when we try to understand it based on ‘facts’ alone. What we are really discussing is our values here …and our deepest fears.

It’s up to every single one of us to own those values that we wish to embody and see more of in the world!

Embodiment Coach. Here to co-create an Authentic Human Reality.

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