What if Heart Intelligence and Emotional Hygiene Was the New Normal

In this global pandemic of feeling unsafe as the world around us is falling apart, we need a way of communicating with each other that will help us bring back a sense of our common ground.

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So what if we chose heart intelligence? What would that look like?

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How do we move from a fear response back to a place of feeling safe, a place of resource?

1. Purpose

Your purpose is your compass for where to put your energy and attention.

2. Tracking and Presence

When you are present to your body it’s easy to track where you are at.

3. Unconditional Positive Regard/Loving Kindness/Respect

The most important point here is to not make each other wrong. We need to go deeper than that and understand what the need is that is driving the action. We need to learn how to speak to that need without shaming.

Reality is too complex to think that one can make sense of it alone.

4. What does our heart desire?

Only when you are taking care of your internal safety can you execute your freedom. And only when you are aware of your inherent freedom can you feel safe.

Embodiment Coach. Here to co-create an Authentic Human Reality. www.kasiapatzelt.com

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