What This Pandemic Has to Do With Our Collective Trauma

And how we can use it to release and connect deeper to the core of our humanity

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Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash
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‘I AM’, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 90 cm, painting by author

Trauma disconnects us from our core

To me, all of the above are a sign of trauma, or more simply put, the effect of what trauma does to us: it disconnects us from who we really are, our core.

Then comes the Corona Virus and all of a sudden we are forced to stop.

Let me explain how all that relates to each other.

Back to Corona.

As we are forced to stop, away from our mill of distractions and consumption, we are made to be with ourselves and to feel.

The golden opportunity

But as we are riding the waves of this pandemic and our enforced quarantine, the waves of digital anxiety and all the uncertainty that comes with it, as no one knows what actually is going on, we get more and more tired running away from what we are actually feeling.

It’s all there in this collective sighing out of relief: The dark and the light. The fear and the way back to our core values as a human race.

We are all coming down to the same point of conclusion: we are done with running, we are done with fighting. We are tired to pretend it’s ok when it’s not. And it hasn’t been ok for a long time.

Embodiment Coach. Here to co-create an Authentic Human Reality. www.kasiapatzelt.com

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